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Mark Leopold brings over 40 years of experience to clients seeking effective and cost-efficient management of their legal or human resources issues. We excel at working with Boards, management and with inside and/or outside counsel (whether retained by your insurance carrier or selected by you), to seek creative and ethical ways to resolve current matters and avoid future claims.

Our business-oriented approach sets us apart from other legal services providers. We quickly identify the issues that are most likely to occur in the real business world, instead of trying to develop a laundry list of every conceivable scenario. This grounded approach gets you positive results in less time, while consuming less of your financial resources.

Our client base includes both small and large enterprises seeking experienced legal counsel skilled in recognizing, understanding and managing legal and human resources issues, as well as organizations seeking business-oriented mediation of commercial disputes and litigation.

Although Mark F. Leopold, P.A. is itself a small business, we have a range of experience and expertise uncommon for an organization of our size. For example, Mark Leopold has managed several cases from first adverse filing to successful resolution by the United States Supreme Court. This strategic sense combined with our tactical knowledge can assist your organization to find the quickest, most cost-effective methods of resolving claims and suits.

Having led the human resources law group for the North American operations of a major corporation, we have the expertise to help you determine your own human resources risks and to develop effective ways to reduce those risks.

Litigation is an unpleasant fact of life for organizations today. A strong resource—like Mark F. Leopold, P.A.—can make a significant difference in your ability to quickly and successfully manage your legal issues. We are flexible, responsive, timely, and creative in all our client interactions.

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