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Larger businesses look to Mark F. Leopold, P.A., for an independent and objective assessment of organizational risk exposure to litigation involving the overall business activities of the enterprise or specific areas such as human resources.

Mark F. Leopold brings many years of business leadership experience to larger businesses where it may not be practical to have full-time in-house counsel. We invest the time needed to confidentially learn about your business and the current legal issues in your industry. We make recommendations on new policies—or develop appropriate revisions of existing ones—either for your management or for other counsel to implement. And, if you choose, we have the resources and expertise to execute the program we develop with you.

Other services we can provide include innovative management of the litigation process and desired outcomes, evaluation of off-the-shelf matter or case-management software, or assistance in helping your business develop its own customized software to meet your unique requirements. Mark can serve as an interim or temporary general counsel or litigation manager.

We can help your business keep track of your litigation or human resources issues, and assist you in developing effective internal management reporting tools for use by your department, senior management, your external auditors and your Board.

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