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Enterprises of every size rely on their employees to accomplish their goals. Increasingly, today's employers are faced with employee-related issues such as use of company e-mail, social networks, and other assets for non-business communications, performance reviews, and non-discriminatory termination plans. In addition, employers must be aware of the numerous statutes that affect it and its employees, such as appropriate job classification and payment under the wage and hour laws, and laws prohibiting discrimination based on race, gender, religion, and age, as well as how an employee health issue or that of a family member can affect the employer as well as the employee.

We provide guidance to Human Resources or Operations staffs to assist them in recognizing how these real-world issues affect their organization. Then we help them to enact risk-reduction policies or review existing policies with an eye toward potential updates. Mark F. Leopold, P.A. can monitor the progress of proposed employment legislation, and proposed increased federal regulation promulgated by the Administration. We can review employment claims with an eye toward resolution of existing matters as well as strategies on how to avoid such situations in the future. We can also investigate employee claims.

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