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Mark Leopold has over 40 years of experience advising large corporations in various industries and serving as inside counsel for over 30 years in positions of ever-increasing levels of responsibility. Having managed numerous groups of inside and outside counsel, Mark has developed experience in many of the issues that face larger businesses and smaller enterprises. He leverages that experience to develop innovative approaches to the early resolution of client business issues.

Of the thousands of cases Mark has managed during his business career, noteworthy is his management of several cases from the filing of a complaint in a trial court to successful resolution by the United States Supreme Court, demonstrating a strong strategic sense and knowledge of the litigation process. This strong strategic sense, combined with his tactical knowledge, can aid your business in finding the quickest, most cost-effective methods of resolving claims and suits.

We excel in managing outside litigation counsel and the cases in which they are engaged. Mark knows how to leverage his experience so you can maximize the effectiveness of your organization's legal resources.

Because of his considerable experience managing outside counsel, Mark is invaluable in the analysis of whether to retain outside counsel, and whether to use Requests for Proposals, (and how to make them valuable to both the enterprise and prospective outside counsel if used). He has experience in developing alternative fee arrangements, advising on the steps that are really necessary to reach your desired result, and directly managing litigation for you to a timely settlement.

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